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Whether you have a new Hitachi machine or an older model, we offer a wide range of parts to suit your budget. These include Hitachi Genuine Parts, remanufactured components, Performance Parts and undercarriages.

We put the same attention to detail and technical expertise into our parts as we do our machines. So you can be sure that they will give you the same level of reliability, durability and quality. And as a result, your machine runs with optimum performance, lower maintenance costs, minimal unscheduled downtime, and ultimately achieves a higher resale value.



Trying to reduce your operating and maintenance costs? One of the simplest yet most effective measures you can take is to maintain the cleanliness of your machine’s systems. Using Hitachi genuine oil and fuel filters will not only keep your machine exceptionally clean but will also make its engine and hydraulic components last longer.

The superior quality of Hitachi genuine filters gives you peace of mind that your warranty will remain valid. We have designed these to help your machines run at optimum performance levels and minimize any potential, unscheduled downtime.

In the long term, you’ll benefit from cost savings through less downtime, greater productivity on the job site and a higher resale value when you come to replace your Hitachi machine.

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