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Kenkijin Spirit

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Shared Values and Code of Conduct

he global Hitachi Construction Machinery Group shares common values and a code of conduct we call the “Kenkijin Spirit.” The people of Hitachi Construction Machinery (“Kenkijin”) work individually and together to realize the goals and aspirations we share.

The underlying commitment behind this spirit can be expressed in three keywords beginning with “C,” words defining key concepts that surpass the boundaries of language: the spirit of rising to meet Challenge, serving the Customer, and ensuring meaningful Communication.

The many Hitachi Construction Machinery Group employees around the world describe, in their own words, what those three “C”s mean to them, and how the Kenkijin Spirit guides them in their daily work.

Each person in the global Group develops their own ideas and initiatives through the Kenkijin Spirit, providing the products and services our customers deserve, and bringing them new value.


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